Building visibility

Performing an online search before making a purchase (from within or without a store) has become second nature to many shoppers. Online users trust search engines, and natural search results in particular. In this respect, SEO acts as the gateway to the web, and advertisers must be willing to invest in it in order to capture a broad range of free and qualified traffic.

SEO permeates all the stages of a site’s lifecycle: its creation, redesigns, new product pages, navigation optimization, content creation, etc. Our team of SEO specialists assist you in fine-tuning each of your natural ranking issues, and build a visibility strategy that is tailor-made for you.

An approach based on 3 pillars

Traditionally, SEO is built around three pillars:

  • Technique: technical audit, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager audit, log analysis, assisting with a website launch or migration, creating test sets and tracking technical changes, setting up SEO best practices, creating workshops for your IT teams, etc.
  • Relevance: keyword identification, audit, content strategy and creation, video optimization, etc.
  • Popularity: natural visibility report, audit of link profiles, Google My Business optimization, ongoing link building campaigns, etc.

Our consultants analyze your site’s ranking through these three lenses and then generate proposals which they track the implementation of and updates to.

Digging deeper

Creating SEO and SEA synergies

Drawing on our extensive experience with search engines through paid search, we have added a fourth pillar to our methodology: SEO/SEA synergies. Far from cannibalizing each other (as some tend to think), SEO and SEA are two highly complementary levers, which only a digital agency is in a position to effectively activate in unison.

For example, SEA can be used to identify high-potential keywords to be given priority in SEO. Conversely, SEO allows you to position your qualitative content on keywords that are sometimes too costly to use in SEA. There are a host of resources that can be used to feed the virtuous cyclical relationship between these two levers.

International expertise

Keyade Middle East is staffed by an international and multicultural team (link to ABOUT US) that is well qualified to help you deploy your multilingual sites internationally. In addition to using different languages, the way in which online users search for products also varies from country to country. Simply translating your content is insufficient. Our consultants apply their technical, linguistic and cultural expertise to boost the rankings of the best version of your site (language, content, currency, etc.) based on the location of your web users.