Social media advertising has become essential

Social networks have become inseparable from the lives of online users and act as powerful influencing forces. Each network has its particular strength: worldwide audience, influence with millennials, business professionals, an emphasis on image or video, etc. Among all these, there are no doubt media and formats which are best suited to hit your prime targets. The goals of advertising on social networks may vary, from building the brand’s image, increasing visibility to generate traffic, engaging with a user community, supporting a promotional campaign, etc. But whether your objectives are branding- or performance-oriented, Keyade Middle East can help you develop ad devices best suited for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, as well as Instagram and Snapchat.

Data is at heart of social media campaigns

Whether launching a visibility- or performance-oriented campaign, we always adopt a customer-centric approach based on real data. Your data. Because your data is the data that is essential to extract value from. We have developed a special methodology that relies on 3 types of data:

  • Data related to your customers and prospects (demographics, purchase history, etc.)
  • Data related to visits to your website (pages viewed, time spent, added to cart, etc.)
  • Data related to engagement with your content (interaction with posts on social networks, video formats, etc.)

This data allows us to define highly specific audiences, to target (or exclude!) them, and to set up “similar audience” targets to broaden your coverage of high potential targets.

Digging deeper

Test & Learn

In the highly fluid world of social media, “test & learn” takes on an importance all of its own. That being said, we don’t test for the sake of testing alone. Rather we help you run your tests in the best conditions possible in order to extract as much information from them that is relevant to your campaigns.

  • Define the structure. Each campaign should address a specific target and include a minimum threshold of ads that can be tested, each one with the same targeting options.
  • Define the targeting methods. Social media networks are increasingly offering advanced targeting options, though all are based on three overarching marketing objectives: reactivating customers, retargeting prospects, or pure acquisition. Our Keyade consultants help you to determine and achieve the right mix based on your budget and your objectives.
  • Set up an effective management Daily fine-tuning and regular assessment of results ensures that your CPA is optimized quickly and effectively.


How to best promote your products on social media?

There are excellent solutions available to promote all your products on social networks!


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