A smart, custom strategy

Whatever industry or sector you operate in, our team draws on all of its experience and know-how to build the SEA strategy best suited to your business and your competitive environment.

Audit your performance

We perform a comprehensive audit using proprietary methodology developed by Keyade that includes a structural analysis of your accounts together with an analysis of performance per SEA lever (brand, generics, retargeting, GDN, Google products, etc.)

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Define your objectives

Together define your promotional objectives and their associated KPIs (branding- and/or performance-based), in order to achieve results-oriented management for each campaign.

Execute the strategy

Identify priority targets and establish and execute recommendations based on the defined roadmap.

A proven methodology

The value chain is key

In SEA, excellence rhymes with relevance.

– Relevant to online users, following the value chain. The user’s request should trigger the ad which motivates them to click and redirects to the exact page that allows them to purchase what they were looking for.

– Relevant for search engines, who place value on online user satisfaction and assign a quality score to each ad based on whether it properly adheres to this value chain. Therefore, the more an ad is relevant to a search query, the higher its quality score will be and the lower its price-per-click. Its a virtuous cycle that is essential to follow, and which Keyade fully integrates into its methodology.

Account structure

We create your account structure as a mirror of your website structure, allowing you to adapt your message to each element. This organizational method facilitates daily performance-based tracking and management.

Test and learn

SEA is not an exact science to be applied to each advertiser in identical fashion. Campaign devices which generate excellent results for some may not truly be suitable “as-is” for others, and vice-versa. Our job is to be well versed in the inventory of available formats and conceptualize the full breadth of options and opportunities for your brand. Conceive, design, implement, measure results, and draw conclusions: that is an exact science, and a winning formula for making your campaigns a success.


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Digging deeper

Saving time to apply more brain power

SEA is a complex issue requiring specialized know-how, but certain recurring optimizations can be handled automatically. On Google, for example, many Adwords accounts don’t take advantage of the power of scripts. At Keyade, we identify and implement the scripts that are relevant to your business (first page bids, adding negative keywords, simple rule-based keyword management, etc.) Our analysis shows that intelligent use of scripts can free up to 20% of time spent on account optimization, leaving more time for profitable strategic analysis and advice.

Smart Bidding

As any marketer knows, efficient management of SEA accounts rests partly on proper automation. That being said, entrusting the performance of your accounts to an algorithm must be done intelligently. We at Keyade believe that automation should always play second fiddle to brain power, not the other way around. Our consultants work hard to ensure that the actions performed by algorithms are relevant and properly guided. Firstly, they deploy our in-house Keyade methodology to set up an account structure best suited to bot-driven management. Next, they track the results of the algorithm’s actions, providing a safeguard in case of any anomalies, particularly those arising from short-term event-based issues.

The result of this combination of automation guided by experienced and indispensable human hands is a highly customized strategy that ensures you are paying the best price for your ads at all times throughout your campaign.