Level Shoes maximizes its sales and revenue at the Dubai Shopping Festival using Facebook DPA


Dubai Shopping Festival 2017



Each year in January, Dubai holds the Dubai Shopping Festival, five weeks of festivities during which all the city’s stores, commercial centers and e-commerce websites offer exceptional megasales that attract huge numbers of visitors.

Covering over 96,000 square-feet inside The Dubai Mall, Level Shoes is a globally recognized retail concept and destination dedicated to the world of designer footwear. The most comprehensive of its kind worldwide, Level Shoes’ offers over 250 international designer brands, 40 designer boutiques and 5 multibrand areas. For the 2017 Dubai Shopping Festival, Level Shoes and Keyade, its digital marketing agency, put together an advertising strategy on Facebook specially designed for the event.


Find the right balance between volume and value

Level Shoes positions itself at the high-end and luxury segments of the footwear market, and targets a shoe obsessed community across designer, contemporary and trend categories. The Dubai Shopping Festival megasales are an opportunity to attract a broader clientele, but at the same time, it’s important for the company to preserve the perception of “luxury” and “quality” held by its traditional target audience, through its pricing model in particular.

To achieve this, Keyade identified two objectives for the company during this commercial event:

  • Maximize sales by enlarging its customer base through promotional sales
  • Maximize revenue by capturing its usual niche clientele through products not placed on sale


Facebook DPA: customized ads based on visitors

The ad campaign for the Dubai Shopping Festival was launched in two stages:

  • Stage 1: Teaser – One week before the start of the event, Keyade launched a multichannel campaign that combined banner displays on the GDN network, videos, and the carousel format on Facebook. Goal: inform online users of Level Shoes’ promotional offers and activities during the Festival.
  • Stage 2: Sales – Here is where having the right methodology is important in order to meet the advertiser’s dual objectives (sales volumes and revenue). For this campaign, Keyade opted to use Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. This format made it possible to retarget visitors to the Level Shoes website and display a carousel of the products they had visited on the site in their Facebook feed. This format is key, as it makes it possible to display the right products to each online user: discounted products to visitors who showed an interest in the promotions offered on the website, and non-discounted products to the company’s usual clientele, who are accustomed to and willing to pay full price. This strategy also relied on making full use of the cookie data collected during the teaser stage.

Keyade then enhanced the campaign by working with Facebook partner platforms to dynamically adjust the DPA ads based on a set of rules: if the Facebook user is identified as having looked at products on sale on the Level Shoes website, the products which that user is shown will include the old price plus the promotional price. If, on the other hand, the user looked at products not on sale, the ad adjusts automatically and displays a different call-to-action.

Facebook DPA ads: for a product placed on sale (left), for a non-discounted product (right)


                             level-shoes-results-sales-keyade                               dubai-shopping-festival-keyade

The choice of Facebook DPA for the campaign proved to be extremely well suited to reaching Level Shoes’ goals. The company was naturally expecting the usual spike in sales during the Dubai Shopping Festival, but these results far exceeded all expectations! A comparison was made between indicators from two 3-week periods: the one preceding the event and the one following it (“Before DSF”, that is, before the Facebook DPA campaign was launched, and “After DSF”, that is, after the campaign’s launch).

Overall, in the countries where the campaign was launched (UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait), sales jumped by a factor of 68 while revenue skyrocketed by a factor of 116. Average cart value increased by 70%. All this for media costs that only increased by a factor of 2.4, sending the cost per transaction plummeting by 97%!

The most outstanding results came from the UAE, where sales increased by a factor of 50, the average cart value rose 80%, and Facebook media costs dropped by nearly 40%!