CitrussTV implements Remarketing Lists for Search Ads to qualify traffic and boost sales


Finding new drivers of traffic and revenue growth


Based in Dubai, UAE, citrussTV has been the Arab world’s leading home shopping TV channel since 2005. It sources a vast assortment of products in many categories (including Home, Beauty, Electronics, Fashion, Jewelry, etc.) and is broadcast 24/7. It serves more than 400,000 customers throughout the MENA region. Its e-commerce website is available in English and Arabic.


citrussTV called on Keyade to help it expand its business throughout the Gulf countries. After an initial restructuring of accounts, which allowed the company to increase its web traffic and revenue, Keyade set about to find ways to maintain the growth of these key indicators.


RLSA: Target your audiences and give each the most appropriate message

In concrete terms, RLSA allows a remarketing list to be created based on the behavior of online users when visiting an advertiser’s website. These lists are then used to re-reach those users with a message specifically adapted to their buyer profile.
Using the visitors to the site during the past 30 days as the user pool, Keyade and citrussTV deployed several audience retargeting strategies:
• Corporate brand campaigns: retarget users who have shown interest in the brand.
• Competitor campaigns: attract users searching for competitors on Google to
• Distributed brands: retarget users searching for top citrussTV brands (Tria, Terim, Happy call, Nutribullet…) These top brands represent a large share of the company’s total online sales.
• Generic campaigns: to avoid competing on expensive keywords, retarget online users who have shown interest in citrussTV or its products and who then search for related generic terms.

Using these different lists, Keyade was able to broadcast the messages best suited to each audience: reputation-building messages to web users interested in the brand (new products, app launch, etc.); promotional offers or news about new products from the top brands, etc.




The RLSA campaigns were launched in parallel with classic SEA campaigns. Over the next eight months, these campaigns brought in increasingly qualified traffic to the citrussTV e-commerce website. As a result, the CTR of the RLSA campaigns was 2.5 higher than that of the classic SEA campaigns, and the conversion rate was 2.8 times higher. All of this for a CPC 30% lower, on average, than a classic SEA campaign.

Naturally, RLSA does not represent as large a share of total SEA investments as does classic SEA, but citrussTV and Keyade are planning to gradually increase its share given the results so far.


Broadening the audiences

Keyade has identified new potential uses for RLSA campaigns:
• Use new audiences. At present, we target users who have visited the site within the last 30 days. In the future we could very well use visitors to the site who have placed an item(s) into their cart but who did not convert, or visitors who have searched for competing brands within the last 30 days. There are many potential scenarios to play with!
• Since citrussTV is a home shopping TV channel, we noticed that the terms users search for on the website are often item codes rather than product names. We can imagine building audiences based around those item codes and retarget users performing related searches on Google.

ahraf-naji-citrusstv-keyadeAshraf Naji, Head of Marketing at citrussTV:
“The implementation of RLSA campaigns provided the opportunity to deliver the right message to our prospects, with effective results on the traffic. We congratulate Keyade for implementing a strategy particularly well suited to our goals for growth.”