In advertising, data is the core business. Data is the raw material with which to create your campaigns. In our experience, data follows a value chain that is important to be well versed in and correctly apply in order to successfully carry out your media strategy.


DATA STRATEGY – relevant data

You can collect all the data in the world, but it will be useless if it’s not relevant to your business and your objectives. This is why it’s important to co-create your data and media strategies as far in advance as possible.

  • The first stage consists of defining your business goals, such as acquiring new customers or increasing your sales revenue.
  • Based on that, we identify operational objectives and the KPIs that will allow us to measure how close you are to reaching those objectives.
  • The Keyade team will assist you in defining the data that you need to collect and together set up the means to measure it.

DATA COLLECTION – reliable data

The data collection stage is also crucial since the quality and reliability of collected data determines its use (and thus its usefulness).

To ensure simple and reliable data collection processes, we recommend using Google’s Tag Manager solution, which gives you centralized management of all your tags. Simply add the GTM universal tag to each page on your website, then add or remove other tags as desired. Or, create rules for your tags using the management interface created for this purpose. This free solution boosts the capabilities of your marketing team, allowing them to operate independently from the IT team developing and/or maintaining your site, and thus take fast and efficient action when needed.

Our Keyade team offers custom assistance to implement Google Tag Manager in a way that meets your particular needs. We also track tag migrations and provide you with ongoing support.

DATA ANALYSIS – usable data

The concept of a universal tag allows you to collect data to be fed into any platform (AdWords, Facebook, Google Analytics, etc.). Our Keyade consultants can then generate their reports using your preferred analytics solutions. By default, we use Google Analytics.

Keyade also makes its own proprietary technology – Madmetrics – available to you.  Madmetrics is a multichannel media performance tracking platform that is entirely customizable in terms of KPIs, attribution models, and reporting dashboards. This suite also includes a module which allows you to see each channel’s contribution to the customer’s purchase path.

In summary, we set up multiple sources of reliable and relevant data. Keyade consultants then put their minds and experience to work to structure this data, give it a purpose and meaning, and establish an action plan to manage it.


DATA OPTIMIZATION – activated data

The final purpose of this data value chain is of course to help us make the right decisions to manage and steer your media campaigns, and to reach the business objectives that were established in phase one.

Having said this, the data value chain is not static. We are continuously optimizing it to improve the performance of your campaign, which also leads to periodic reviews of the campaign’s original strategic and operational objectives. This means revisiting stage one of your data strategy to ensure it matches as closely as possible to your needs at any given moment.