Experienced team

Each of our permanent consultants has been extensively trained in the intricacies and technical inner-workings of display and search marketing. The time spent on analysis and optimization is key to our success. Limiting the number of accounts per consultant allows us to meet agreed-upon objectives.
Keyade's increasingly international team provides it with a deep, rich and solid base.
Our agency places more stock on the right personalities than specific degrees, and as such we seek out those with well-defined personal qualities that are vital to providing top-notch cutting-edge service.

While this approach (which includes only hiring on permanent contract) presents no small challenge, is has resulted in a company that is built on solid and well-trained pillars who are in turn expected to impart their skill and experience to others.

We just want to have great people working for us

Serguei Brin
Google co-founder

Global Reach

The world is our playground. Keyade Middle East can launch search and display campaigns in over 80 countries around the world from a single interface. Our approach of using a centralized team made up of native speakers of our primary target languages provides us with critical advantages: coordination and exchange of best practices and ongoing training as needed to consistently deliver high-quality results.
The languages covered by our team include Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, Chinese and more. We can also cover a further 20-plus languages through our network of experienced freelancers which we have developed over time.

Baidu in China, Yandex in Russia and Naver in Korea dominate their respective markets and are therefore key to reaching those audiences.
We have a close working relationship with these agencies, and our technology is directly plugged in to Baidu and Yandex's APIs.

Technology and innovation

Our in-house technology, Madmetrics, gives us an edge in collecting and organizing data, and is customized to meet the specific needs of each of our advertising partners. It is fully focused on ad purchasing and its conversion and optimization. It is both macro and micro in scope. In addition to generating general averages per acquisition channel or across channels (macro), it is an extremely detailed operational tool designed for frequent use on a daily basis (micro).
Attribution models make it possible to measure how each marketing channel has contributed to a conversion on the advertiser's website. These different interpretations allow in-depth analysis of a campaign's profitability, leading to better decision-making.

In response to demand from our advertising partners, our technology is also made available to clients in single and multi-channel versions for in-house management and analysis, via our Madmetrics.com solution.

Smart reporting

Successful online marketing is directly linked to time invested in a campaign. Reporting plays a key part in this. In order to dedicate more time to campaign optimization, target campaigns precisely, and assess results accurately, Keyade has developed a smart reporting system that allows us to create custom reports based on unique datasets and/or scopes, built with a specific advertiser’s needs in mind, and available automatically online.
This high degree of versatility provides us with significant advantages in terms of quality analysis and optimization of ad campaigns.