Case Studies

du : a viral video backed by a global online campaign

Customers are at the heart of du's business and on the UAE's 43 National Day, du wanted to celebrate the occasion with them, giving rise to a 360° campaign that would unite UAE residents.

Air France promotes its Early Bird campaign on Facebook and Twitter

Air France is the second largest airline in Europe. Four times a year, Air France runs
its Early Bird ad campaign during which it offers reduced fares on its long haul flights worldwide.

Belambra bolsters its TV campaign with display and social media.

In the run-up to the summer of 2014, Belambra launches a TV ad campaign to strengthen the popularity of its brand. The aim of the digital devices launched in concert with the company's offline campaign is to maximize the number of contact points and bolster campaign coverage.


What are the synergies between SEO and SEA?

From its very beginnings, Keyade has specialized in SEM issues. However, our experience doesn't stop with Search Marketing. Following are our observations on the connections that exist between paid searches and natural searches.

Solving the problem of brand keyword CPC increases on Google

Over the past months, Keyade consultants have observed an unusual and inexplicable increase in Google's Cost Per Click (CPC) on exact brand keywords.